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Related article: Date : Wed, 29 Sep 2010 02 03. 54 -0400 ( EDT ) From: JPG u003cjacobmillertex aol. com u003e Subject: Under the Mask : Chapter 17 { Under the Mask is pure fiction. When I'm in this story, I get the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Since it is a story of love, sex is there but is in the realistic balance in the lives of the characters. Any resemblance to actual events names, or events in life is purely at random. If you are under age, (according to state law as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or Ls Models Galleries someone in your ad area, or is illegal for you to view such content which is reading to n stop reading the story. This story may not be distributed in any form or manner without my explicit consent. I'd like to give a shout out to a reader who has had helped me with ideas on where the story is, thanks ! } Posted by JPG Chapter 17 Henderson canceled the morning meeting he had with a rulehis guards, account of his interview with the Board of Prisons. Like any office of the government, which are behind, the minute of the day begins. Fast back an hour late, Mr. Henderson was called in came to , and sat at the boardroom table. He did not say a word that feels there and wait for the person to speak on the board. ", Mr. Henderson, you know who is in charge consideration. The warden of the prison the death penalty is removed. That means we need your position through the day, when he retired in have been filled. you were high on the list for the work they have done in your current position in the juvenile detention center. Moreover, what have you achieved \\ \\ n in recent months. now have several things n come to light is what really bothers these groups. that just had a small increase in its installation, is that correct \\ \\ n Henderson? " " Yes, sir, but block was fast and worked with the system not to stay in moresix hours. " " The problem we have is very simple. You are at the top of the list, since the is the work carried out with the gang at their facilities. When he took over, This facility was not inspected by guards and staff. Instead was controlled by the inmates. He turned everything in order before s plan. You did a survey this week, against gangs. What we think is that it can mask the real problems. Now the overflow before are taken to be in a position to another position. I hope we are wrong in the our assumptions, but agree that what happened last week no look good. " " I agree that I had a little problem at work this week, but not enough to deny all the positive work I've done. I hide nothing to you, the Board or the State. If there is anything to go on the treatment of the bands, you know. I or anyone else can not hide the fact that the type Stuff by anyone. " " The governor has a call from someone who respects the seasday night. Ha turned to help this person to cover their positions in his cabinet. A its residents know this person grandchildren. The grandson was very upset with the way they treated the residents when they have to be disciplined. do Ls Models Galleries You know I 'm talking about Henderson? " " Yes, sir, I know who you're talking about. Alejandro Garcia is a home for me and became good friends with the guy tried to damage. In turn, through this friendship that protect Jacob Hernandez Alexander. Now that you are with Jacob, who decided the punishment no fit the transgression. " ", Mr. Henderson, you must understand that this agreement should be signed Governor. Although we all agree that the right person is for this office, the governor may reject. Usually rubber - stamp this type of thing. As soon as it was called from the phone with Mr. Serna, he to me. I do , as always, to the ears of my head. I will not sit here and say that show t any kind of preference for these residents, but I have this type of the phone call again. If this is established, will help you take control of gangs in this country, I'm OK , we know that not only turn around and throw him to the curb, as are the n about to be transported. Have friends, people who can stop them know the promotion. " " I have a simple question for you, then. Am I out of the race for the work Guardian ? They always say, I was at the top of the list and track I still have the top of the list. I wonder if I should depend on the action. " " You are still our choice for the job of Warden. Nobody is coming to an services. At the same time, you can not make mistakes. You o need to keep your plant on the right track and keep what you done. Provided that such support includes this Alexander, do it. I called this meeting just to let you know that Alexander and his girlfriend have the ear of the governor. Do not make astupid mistake now that we will lose this season. As I said before, we all agree that it is the right person. If you are on the wrong side of the visit of Governor his bad side, until it moves. From the aspect thereof, which is not everywhere in the short term. " Henderson thanked the Board and went back to the Juvenile Detention Center system n. As soon as we entered the hotel, met Officer Jackson looked at the door. None said word until they arrived at Henderson Office. as he sat at his desk arrived, Officer Jackson was easy to know as No, the meeting went well. Henderson opened his briefcase in his desktop when he took off his coat. " This meeting was basically for the Board to slap me around. I do not know as we missed the Jacob Hernandez. Besides being a rich kid, his grandfather s can access the phone at any time of day and go to Governor. " " I do not understand what you say, Mr. Henderson. What does this mean Jacob and his grandfather have tor do with the forum? You basically have the task of and there is nothing anyone can do about it. " " Boy, you're wrong that the officer Jackson! Jacob was taken home with me and talked to his grandfather. His grandfather picked up the phone n and Ls Models Galleries called the governor. The governor called the board and found some units in the ass. n Look, I got into bed with Alexander. He has done nothing that is that I regret this decision. I think he gave back, I do no longer need it. He proved us wrong when it came down and gave to the peace between gangs. I'm not saying you can get away with Alejandro matter, but we have him. Occasionally going to do something, we will have to ignore. I really do not think he will get his hands dirty again, but he Someone. At least, if that person does something wrong, I can the discipline of that person. " " Okay, I understand where you are going, and I agree with. There is no way Alexjeopardize their chances of escaping here. He gave the dirty work to someone else. The only question is to you, how you treat your love life. We can not afford make love to another resident. At the same time time is not enough to rely on us when we get to have time alone in a different space is assured. Go " " youth to youth and their hormones will be crazy. It is a matter of time before these two are going to have sex. When them, I suggest you do in the video for use to keep Alex and Jacob in the queue. " " This will not work Mr. Henderson, let me tell you why. At first I found that Jacob is gay. Second, the governor has a son and not gay as well as other things like this to use against another person. Finally, if to destroy what little confidence n between Alex and went, no more ! Do not fall into the trap of using things to fall against the other. It is always come back to bite in the ass. You have to take athink in this situation in the right way. Let's not kid ourselves, because both have a lot to the participation of s on this subject. " Henderson agrees Officer Jackson. Both know that Alex is not trust them for all they can do is try to protect Alex, and that we can. This Custodial care is not going to be caught having sex at This institution. Meanwhile, Alex and the rest to put in rooms that were Henderson to clean them for business. morning, the team leaves, arrives, and the room must be prepared to put in place to which n of the machine. When Alex and the whole construction of the `a ' came into the room, joined other parts of building "B " who were waiting already in it. the only allowed in this area at the time in which to be Alex, decided to part with the press. no arguments, all went on cleaning up the site. work of Alex realized that Ashton could do much because he has more divided fingers. is obvious, Alex has hisccessfully breaks several of Ashton fingers. One of the guards to help another band from Alex was Alex. "If I heard from one of his gang members in" B " building is a serious case ? is so bad that did not recover from. " " No, I do not I know know that in fact the first time I'm hearing is it. who took the fall and how bad it is ? " " One of his lieutenants, Samuel was in the shower and slipped on the wet floor. He fell backward and hit his head against the wall and the PAT. at the time that they took him out and to hospital Thomson, who lost a some blood. most likely will not come from a coma. "n " I think he was in a deadlock, or it may have had one, can have the worst No lucky person. have to go there and something on the ground ensure that no one like him will hurt. " Alex left the guard and joined Ls Models Galleries Matt and Carlos on the other side the room. When Matt left Carlos and Alex Alone of them said Alex Carlos about the accident Samuel was in the shower. Nothing has been discussed, is only nod. The day was filled with cleaning and make sure the room is ready to be equipment to be installed tomorrow. The only time the boys jumps were eating lunch and dinner. She was ready for the room, at seven in the night. As for Alex, Matt and the others returned home, went separate ways. Alex and Matt went to the shower room stuff. The two quickly took a shower, n is not the time to give someone in the shower. Both players back in the lower hall wet. As dried and pulled me, they have no word at all another. Alex was in bed and stared at the ceiling. Matt approached and knelt beside the bed of Alex. He leaned forward and Alex started kissing. As they kissed, Matt moved his hand down over Alex. He has Dec 'm sorry Alexk, because it uses warm. At the time Matt finds Alex in thickness, immediately got hard in the hand of his s. " I love you so I can not stand it. But I know we can get caught by the guards or any person who enters this room. " Alex saw in the eyes of Matt , as Matt talked to him. He wrapped his arms Matt 's head and pulled her toward him a kiss. Matt going to go Alex ' the tail and shook his hand in the Ls Models Galleries waistband of sweatpants Alex and underwear. Now he thinks Alex 's cock in his hand with nothing between his hand and cock Alex. With your thumb, then started rubbing the head of Alex Dick and has led to the madness of Alex. Matt broke the kiss and went to Alex 's waist. He moved to the cuffs of the pants and jogging pants and pulled down past his balls. Alex 's cock through the fly, as sweat pants and underwear pulled down. I give no warning, Matt wrapped her wet lips around his hard cock drip Alex. When he went to Alex 's cock began to suck Alex 's leg extendeds apart, to get his ass hole more easily. Matt started with a finger, he turned to two, then added his third finger. Alex had to pack up and put the pillow over his face because his moan louder. He loves it when his friend, he is sucking the and finger fucking him at the same time. As Matt continues to suck Alex, Alex ducked under Matt's fist to grab the tail. Matt had already begun, then drops much his pre -cum soaked the front of his sweatpants ! Alex grabbed with both hands and pulled Matt sweating and underwear. He started playing with Matt 's buttocks, but Matt wanted cock s in his mouth more than anything else. Matt was Alex 's cock out of his mouth when he came to bed. They at position 69, and both can suck each other at the same time. Both make each one of the cocks in the mouth and pushed fingers in each of their asses. It was not long for mailITHER of them to climax. Been so is used for movements of the other, those who know if your partner on without notice of the other, are about to end. began to shoot each other in the mouth, without losing a drop of another run. They are the sperm swallow as fast as any of them is Shoot them in the mouth. Once completely drained each other, put back in bed. Both have their feet on the head again, his jogging pants and underwear to his ankles, with his white socks continue to occur. As soon as he raised his breath, she pulled the wet towels and that are used to dry clean before. Both had to change your underwear, and had its jogging pants in the laundry launch because both had so much pre -cum which Ls Models Galleries soaked through his sweatpants. has decided not to go to the living room and spend the rest of the night together. They put together on Alex 's bed and that wheneverheard the guards , has Matt and went to bed. Once the guards made ​​their Earl, Matt sat down again with Alex. had fallen almost slept together. Matt awoke y went to his bed to the right, as the guard started down the hallway. Once finished telling the guard and turned on the light in the hallway, Matt rose again, but instead of sleeping with Alex again, just knelt on the side of the bed and saw Alex when he was asleep. At first, Matt looked at his friend as he slept. When he heard soft snoring Alex, saw Alex 's chest rose and fell with each breath. He put his hands on Alex 's chest to feel his heartbeat. With his free hand the other hand, little by little Alex Matt pushed her hair out of his front. Gently with the index finger of Matt Alex stroked his cheeks. slow move your fingers up and down Alex 's cheek and then his eyes and then in the nose to the lips. When Matt came to Alex 's lips, opened it cautiously. Slowly stroking the teeth Alex, Alex opened his mouth. Matt puts his finger in his mouth y began to feel the language of Alex. He moved his fingers and replaced his own language. Ha Alex had worked so hard, he did not wake up when her friend kissed French him in his sleep. Matt realized that Alex is always difficult, as he kissed n him. But out of respect for Ls Models Galleries Alex, who has not betrayed the trust that has built with Alex. He stopped to kiss Alex, and began to brush her fingers across Alex 'n hair. He bent the ear of Alex and began to whisper. He knows that sleep Alex, but can Ls Models Galleries not walk, to say the bed without him, who loves to him and he is everything to him. Matt got up from the floor and went back to bed. It was under the n and covers only looked Ls Models Galleries at his friend. I could see Alex 's cock fighting to break free. Gradually, she fell asleep. The last thing Matt saw before falling asleep is totally beautiful body of Alex was there in the front of him. The next morning the boys woke up at the same time. Quickly changed from their sweat shirts and jeans before you breakfast. Once finished eating, went to Mr. Simons class. Ls Models Galleries " I see you are eager to get on the machine this morning! " Mr. Simon said, as Alex, Matthew, Charles and the others were walking in. Are you limited to nod up and down for your answer teacher. Mr. Simons concluded the curricula and the boys went down to the ramp load. She sat and waited almost 30 minutes before the truck finally arrived. Alex Jacob hopes that maybe it would ensure that the team arrived, , but it was the delivery man. Before the machine room s, the delivery people to see how their facilities will be. " I do not understand why you need to know the settings before you can get the machine in the Ls Models Galleries room. Once you get to the machines in the room, , then asked. "Mr. Simons said wsome frustration in his voice. " We need Ls Models Galleries to know was the size of the room and how to configure the machine. If you need our help, we have Ls Models Galleries no problem with him, that. Some of these machines are great and once established can not move other machines from the machines that are already set In other words. Lord, we must first unload the truck, and then decide what no machine will first go back into space after filling before. in this way, we are not trying to squeeze between machines machines. that Ls Models Galleries can damage the machine, and would have no value for you. " Simon understood what it meant, and finally took in the old gym. This space is larger than the space that had high technology in machine After the Council went through the settings with Mr. Simon and Alex, who delivery boys to work. took almost all day to keep the machines in the building and furniture. by of five years, all machines are created and ready to go. The technician with showerd up to an hour before the machines were ready, but waited until delivery smart kids. Alex was carried, and the other from machine to machine and showed them how work. Alex admitted that give all the information him and the other a lot. So if you are willing to take their first print jobs, will come and stay with them if they have have questions or problems. Like the previous day, there was Alex and the other buildings n after seven o'clock in the evening. Alex and Matt repeats Ls Models Galleries his routine day before the shower and get dressed, but not with sex n. It just went straight to bed. Alex and Matt was earlier than normal. Sleep is usually done in Saturday morning, but during the last few Saturdays with his charity work. They wanted to Ls Models Galleries make sure that if had breakfast This time it took to eat so fast. You really want to to taste the food they eat. DRIsee, in the nursing home seems to go faster each time go. Today is no exception and indeed it seemed as Ls Models Galleries if only around the block. Upon arrival, the same lady greeted upon arrival enter then changed their tasks before the week since the same children appeared. Alex and the boys went to the room of Colonel. Since was realized that the colonel had drinks and the set snack already. " Hey, you guys are ! He and sit down. Not have much time and to do. " The colonel leaned back in his seat when the boys came, and had its the same places. They are all good things, as they settled into their own seats. Alex took his drink and started drinking before anyone else. as can be put back on the table, everyone just looked at him. "Sorry, since we started to clean the room where they print Laden has, my throat was dry and it feels like there is dust on my stick tonsils. "Alex began, rubbing the side of the throat as Ls Models Galleries he spoke. " No problem, young man! I have enough water to young children drink. It seems that you are absent from school, but much work remains to go. Glad to hear that his impression is always of the earth. I'm pretty sure that the machines have changed over the years, but working in a print shop when I first came back here n stationed in the United. Man, I still remember the sound of these machines do all day time. I imagine went home with the ugliest head. I do not envy the children at Ls Models Galleries all in this part of the printer. " " We did not know you worked in a printing press. If we did, we would have asked what he thought of the idea of ​​a printing press. " " Actually, it's been so long since I probably remember me. The military, which at that time. I held different jobs many, as I grew up in the standings. After finally promoted officer, I did not do much of theMini- jobs. " " Yes, you went to a private company 'm never private. promoted to officer. You can get too high rank as a sergeant, but he never as an officer. " " We are almost directly to this fact. Ls Models Galleries It is very rare to get an agent promotion on the battlefield, but that's it. I do not know how hard is today or easy it is to be promoted to officer rank, if you go privately and n. The funny thing is that the military officers who have helped in terms of the field more than those who came from a military academy, such as of West Point. They knew we were struggling and we have earned the rank, which is on our shoulders. Do not get me wrong, the officers who come from these military schools to get your rank. However, come from the military academies to try something and end up getting, before they killed a all soldiers know their names. At least that's what happened During my time in the army. " " Wow, I never knew, you know I always thoughtthat once you get into a private company , would never be promoted to officer. I could not wait back, because this is where you left off last week. I Ls Models Galleries could not believe it, if has told us who have signed up for something and had no idea what they are y sealed. " " Well Alex, if you're young you do stupid things. I signed up for the for a military program that was just to get approval. She made a small error s children and that will cost a heavy piece of your youth. This week were the training I've had. We ran day and the night. If more time in the day, we were going to run even more. Among our fitness, we had to go to school. I remember Ls Models Galleries if I told you before I deleted was still in high school, so to really do a lot of catching up. Somehow, though, I've been through them all. With the help of my friends I have made there, never left the training camp as a sergeant first class. I was in by a platoon of men in my company, ifwho came to England. After going through training camp, we went straight to England. I can remember that we filled those ships like sardines. When we went to the rooms , no beds, but things hanging in the in his garden among the trees. There were four or five that are on the wall the vessel on each side of the room. I've never counted, but had to be at least a hundred of them, if not more, where I was. I felt suffocated as he slept at night. I tried to spend time as much as possible on the deck of the ship. As we pulled into the dock, I was never so happy to see the earth as it was on this day. was continued training while stationed in England. Started coming to so boring to see soldiers began the stupid things and let them die. Getting drunk on their own and get into car accidents almost n to escape just trying, they began to lose the soldiers before they even left in battle. And the word came that the MAIs the battle had begun the offensive land came forward when they broke into the beaches of Normandy. that lost thousands of men who try to use this beach. Then were called do our job to help those trapped on the beach. I remember, at this level, always with several men on the train. There only one bank on each side of the wall of the aircraft. We sat there just looked at each other as we went to the firestorm. You have been with us shooting from the floor, try to shoot as many planes as possible. I sat there and watched the planes fall from the sky the door of the aircraft. When the planes were on fire, the soldiers treated them to jump. I do not know how many have survived, if at all. I can say that several of the soldiers were fire as they shot to death that day. The plane was hit, and the green light came on. We started jumping to as the plane went into a tailspin. When he fell to the ground, I lost my package had it all inThe only things left were my gun, gun n and my map and compass. I started running towards the tree line running to the soldiers of other platoons and companies. Finally, when I reached the tree line, in fact I have met with several soldiers in my company and train. In case you are separated, we were told all, where n is. After discovering that we were actually, we realized we were so In our current landing site. Later I learned that many of us do to get where we're supposed to. After walking several miles, runs on several detachments of the enemy, that done we all must take. Along the way it is our company for several soldiers and a few other soldiers firms. went to base camp with businesses scattered everywhere. even several of the company commander do not yet. This is the Ls Models Galleries highest officer took command of the company with the highest along controlOnce antifreeze. Let me tell you it was a mess at first. One of the companies was on his first mission to complete a number pistols. It was not my company or my train, so we were waiting for orders. The orders were not given until more soldiers had come to. On this day, only a third of my platoon did in lost our executive officer and several of our senior officers. When we went on our Mission of the company commander was trying to your company along again. " At that time the Colonel looked at the door and stop talking. Alex and the other went to the guards who were there, turned to see a again. She looked the clock on the wall and saw that his time with Colonel over. all stood up to the seats and said goodbye. No Colonel wanted to leave. as soon as returned to the plant, were in the cafe for lunch. the rest of the building had already eaten before they had come to , thenBrown bag lunch had left. After lunch, we started going there again in his room when he Visitor 's announcement over the PA. Alex ignores the ad because typically receives visitors, but now has changed all that. Had Matt called Alex to let him know that you have a visitor. It s quickly ran to the bathroom and made sure it is presentable to be a visitors. He reached the door is closed and the guard. The Guardian the door, leaving Alex with a warning, not the end of the next time. looked around the room hoping the visits, and his younger brother s the mother, but he saw Jacob sitting at a table looking about. Alex came up and shook hands with Jacob while sitting down. " You look good, since I saw you earlier this week. His mother and brothers are out and coming in the near future. Something about his brothers as held for her mother asked me to come for the company to the to your arrival. " " Um,She took me to see Jacob? "James nodded his head up and at the end. " Thanks, I know it must be hard to try to catch the bus, up to visit me here. Thanks again for what he did for me a earlier this week. " " There is no need for you to thank for that. The director and officers of the s were in error and they recognized him. I take this opportunity to to tell you that I have spoken with the prosecutor. It s pointed me to the office of probation and parole. I had the opportunity to speak with the announcement of the printer, as key locations to send you need to do their community service hours. So you have a lot of people working in the printer and not worry about paying Ls Models Galleries overhead. " " the man tells the truth to Jacob, I did not think you were going to gets really do this part. You have already done so much for the project and now have a permanent solution for our work is personal. " Alex came to more than oned grabbed Jacob's hand to shake. Jacob smiled back Alex and shook his hand. They sat there for a minute or two and no words. Basically all you have to talk about it, is performed. However, Jacob who broke the silence between the two. "To ensure the appropriate community service hours. I am pretty sure that you are not to be responsible for this part. One guard n or a staff member here is the responsible for the prosecution, who is it that and what they are working. on the other hand, you get your employees staff more or less free, you can make your prices to down and keep all the business that had high technology and get a lot more. you have to get a very solid business. " Alex nodded his head up and down the deal with Jacob. He knows now that Jacob trusted with anything. In addition to Matt, Charles, Mr. Henderson Director of Jackson, no one knows he's gay. He should be able to tell someone you trust, you can talk to that person WHENo need that the last part of his life. " Jacob, I want to say something, but you have to promise that what I say now, will not be repeated Ls Models Galleries to a third party and that includes my mother and family. Not worry, it's not all bad, at least I hope you see in this way. " " Look Alex, our friendship started very strange. in recent years months have begun to build confidence each other. I do not think n Ls Models Galleries ever feel that I will run to his mother about everything I say, I'm not. works for me, but you are my friend and I will not say a friends. " Alex swallowed the lump in her throat as she rubbed her hands together. "Jacob, I think one reason why I wanted to hurt you, is because they remind me a part of me that wants to keep hidden deep in me. Over the years, grew in life. is that I had, we were taught a certain way that things there are none in - located between the teachings and values ​​of our father so I started to hate Sunand someone much more like me. life, the life you want to live and learn. Yes, more than likely, that took a while to finally know where you are today, but you did. and when I saw you coming, I hated it so much. You get to live a life of the freedom I wanted. Please understand me wrong Jakob. I am not the fault. I am the one who was totally in error from start to finish. Ls Models Galleries I think it's best to stop beating around the bush and just come out and tell. Jacob, you're the one for Ls Models Galleries me to say. I met many years n I'm gay. I do not know if you realize you're gay, but to me for many years that I 've known. " Alex stopped talking and looked at the table. Jacob looked into him, as he took her Ls Models Galleries hand to get his attention. Alex looked at Jacob n and I knew then that he is saying that the correct option Jacob n by the look in his eyes. "We all have to occur withGays in different ways. some are only roundly that are going to scream, others commit suicide, and as for me to fight him. I know how scared you are about, and even more so is from here. No need to beat it. Just have comfortable in your own skin and customize to your true reality. It is today morning safely. But you are fighting his demons and that you win. There is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing to be wrong, what we are. I know your mother will understand, Ls Models Galleries always willing to say it. Do that on your own schedule. Nobody rushed or press in one direction or another. You're the only one who knows, if you are ready to start telling their loved ones. " " Thanks Jacob, I hope to have you as necessary talk to someone. You do not know how much it meant to me to have someone , to talk about it. I'm out of the walls at this time and I have to some greorientation. " Jacob nodded up and down as brothers and Alex Franseca left on the table. Both Jacob and Alex stood up and hugged his mother, Alex brothers, before sitting. Jacob Alex shook hands and said goodbye as left. When he reached the door, turned around, looking to see Alex s. Jacob took his hand to his face a call from him. that Alex mouth call. Alex turned around and started talking to her mother and siblings. that s that seems to be in good spirits as he spoke. his brothers seem to live as in the new house and being able to go to Jacob 's house to play in the playroom. " Alex, it looks much better, since his father died removed. Please forgive me, sir, but the death of his father is a blessing to I n. Now I do not have to worry about him and spend time with his brothers and. " " There is no need to explain something to me, Mom. I agree with you on the the loss of my father. It was a blessing and I 'm glad you are not in the n whererries more. Plus you get to live on the good side of town. This means that my brothers do Ls Models Galleries not occur in my footsteps, or footsteps of our father s. Ls Models Galleries She took over the neighborhood, which would more than probably on his life. So again Mom, no need for any explanation of what you are doing. " " I have some money in your account. I look forward to bringing enough to last. Please let me know if you have more to do to survive here. I do not want to go there without being there. " " Mom, I told you no need to take away from the house, you and my brothers, give it to me. Keep the money and buy things that is needed at home. " " Alex, I do not get away from the house or brothers, but you're the son of my Ls Models Galleries s well. If you are in this place or at home, I responsible for you and your welfare. So stop telling me not to alienate money in your account. I love you and want you home as fast as possible. "mother Alex brought to youUmber of her purse to wipe her eyes and brush your nose. Alex leaned forward and took her hands. His brother began to talking Christmas tree and gifts under it. The guard stood up and began to warn everyone that the visit is about to over. So Alex began, his mother and his brothers, to say goodbye, each other. Alex 's mother promised to visit on Christmas day, while walking out. the time Alex came to his room, everything is going to do what he sets. between the last two days of hard work and go home at Ls Models Galleries the age of the morning has died Ls Models Galleries at his feet. He lay on his bed and the moment that s closed his eyes, was. was aroused Matt 's ear whispering, is dinner time. Alex opened his eyes to see, Matt looked at him. He looked over the door to ensure it is closed before he got Matt's face down to his to kiss. Alex quickly took off his shoes and left the room with Matt in the cafeteria. Ashe has her food, she went to his table to eat. Along the way to the three new residents. It was then agreed to not asked Carlos if he had been sitting on them yet. After dinner we went to get fresh air. That's when Alex decided to talk to Carlos. Carlos grabbed and began to walk away from the the group next to the fence that separated the yards. " I have to wonder if they ever had a sitting at the new kids. If so, can they explain how things have changed and how it it going now? " " at first were reluctant to say the least, to talk to me. But after for a while, they realized it was going to speak on their behalf. to understand the no things are run here and what they can and can not do. " " How much have it all right to hurt, so they will open their eyes ? " " Let I just say no bruising to be seen by the guards. Nothing was broken, , and not have to go to the weakaria. They also know that that can not go running to the guards on our little conversation. Ls Models Galleries " " That's all you really need to hear. I want to calm things down. At the same time, do not think anyone thinks we are weak. If someone gets up from the line, type the command again online. Keep your hands clean ; others do the dirty work permit. " " I have no problem at all. Like you, I wish to hell from here. Like the colonel said today, we are paying our youth for what we have done. I do not want to pay my adult years This error also. " " Well. Let others do the dirty work and we'll be fine. Indeed, a guard approached me yesterday about Samuel. Did you get a dragon Ls Models Galleries of our Pals in Building " B"? I have to get information about our own kids and not the guards. " " I'm not a dragon, but Ashton took me aside and gave me the face to face. We were very busy the last few days, I have not managed to create a the opportunity to let you know what Ashthe said. Some other deputies entered the shower area of trust that Samuel s is not to question or in out of the shower when he began to chat with him and then did so fall. is s were no witnesses, what they did to Samuel, and it appears that Ls Models Galleries the guard buy the story. " " I'm fine with it. I am glad that Ashton reported that at least. I , can not do that sort of thing, but I had no other option. Samuel was a thorn in the side since I got here. I can not a Lieutenant to question my leadership. " Alex and Carlos ' n finish the speech and returned to the group. Steve, Matt and some others of the steps, they deserve to go home to talk about in Christmas week. the others came either in trouble or not in the system long enough for a week to go home for the holidays. As night fell, the boys went in Alex and Matt decided to call a the night at ten, because they are formedTo five o'clock. is are both tired and just wanted some sleep. As with any other Sunday, hung around the room. because the Cowboys in the early game, I really do not care about the other games. At the end of the Cowboys game, Alex was called to the office of Mr. Henderson. Alex stood up and looked at Matt and Carlos proved that you can find out to find out what has been called. They began to move his head when the PA y went to Carlos and Roberto was designated. Carlos joined Alex, when he went to the living room. Both are surprised that Mr. Henderson is at work on Sunday. Normally, directors and senior are out of the weekend. That's what always invoked as: must be very important. Alex hopes he is not just to spend Christmas in solitary confinement. The three of them came to the office of Mr. Henderson and sat as shown in the outer office of his secretary. He looked forward, not sayingg is a word to each other. The phone rang at the desk of the secretary, not not a minute later, he told Alex that Mr. Henderson would like to speak for the first time with him. Alex came in and waited for Mr. Henderson to sit the permission down. Alex sat down, but nothing was said for a few minutes. Henderson went to his desk and walked around to sit in the chair next to Alex. " I have spoken several nights with me about what I was there do. You've been here for a few months but have done a lot of for a short period of time. Addition of support you have given me the gangs, that 've do much to prove to himself in recent months. Mr. Simons will continue as high as you say every time you have the opportunity. that s have said that you get nothing but an A in his class. also thanks to you, we have donated equipment for printing to us. who have been successfully baby governor and careers in This means no. What I ador compensate for what you did wrong before this week. I'm doing it because hard work in class and hard work you've done in recent days dealing with printing Shop. I'll put aside the rule that a resident living here for a year before it gets without a license is to go home. I will honor and the other two in the hallway with a week's holiday. You can go home for the holidays this week. " Alex did not know what to say, he is actually the words. Thought Henderson, who lost an ally, but now he knows he is to be wrong. Alex to finally address the use of language and began. " Henderson, I do not know what to say, but thanks. It is knows how much this means to me to be to go home and spend the Christmas holidays with my family. I promise I will not get into any trouble to return n y. " " I know I will not get into any trouble, and you come back. If I thought n Otherwise, you wouldnot forgive this holiday. Now I in the other two and that may bring you into the room to the exit permits. " Mr. Henderson got up and went behind his desk. Picked up the phone , and asked his secretary, and Ls Models Galleries one to send for a few seconds later, open the door of s office and Roberto Carlos and came after a seat in addition to Henderson, Alex began to speak. " why we call this what it is today, so I know , I to apply the rule to write about furloughs. I spoke separately with Alex, because I wanted to thank you for your hard work on the privately owned press. Because you were so involved with the printers, I would like to Thank you Ls Models Galleries for your hard work. I also want you one week of this place for you to return refreshed and ready to enter From our new company. With that said, I will give you a week off for a holiday with his family. I know you are not going tor disappointed. Will contact you if that and not get into any trouble while away. I does not need to tell you if you get into trouble when he returns, he Ls Models Galleries not go back to your room. I think you understand what I Ls Models Galleries mean by , dass That's all I have to say about this topic. I trust you, and I I know you will Ls Models Galleries see in a week, rested and ready to go. We have to start several jobs in our print shop and get it, no s some more to come in next week. " The boy stood up and thanked Mr. Henderson for exit permits. At the same time time it was confirmed, Mr. Henderson, who will not disappoint. As n began to leave the room, called Mr.. of Henderson to Alex. Alex turned around and the other left the office. " Alex, I know why Matt does not use his leave of absence. Your family will not be here Ls Models Galleries and sign off. If the person is important to log out is willing to take responsibility for MattI am willing to allow it. This is my way of saying sorry for my mistake in the beginning of this week. I know you are deeply in love in two together. I am willing to bend the rule and allow a non-family member to sign a residence for a holiday. I 'm not going out or stick a knife in the back again. Just do me a favor, do not let other people know what Matt only be signed by your tutor. " " Thanks once again to do this for me, Mr. Henderson. I will not breathe a word s of what you do for me and Matt. Be all that Matt is not Breathe not a word. Again, thank you Ls Models Galleries very much want to holiday in Ls Models Galleries with my family and Matt. " He smiled Mr. Henderson and Alex wish you a Merry Christmas. When Alex was the floor, he wanted Mr. Henderson, a Merry Christmas too. The three boys n could not thinking about his leave of absence when they returned order was the living room with a noticeable spike in his walk. Matt and Alex wait to pull him asidel to know the good news. if Matt was not Christmas vacation, Alex was not about to leave it alone. He was willing to give up their holidays to keep Matt to be alone for the holidays. entered, and his group immediately hang n wanted to know what Mr. Henderson wanted with them. None of them could believe what Alex and the others said. It took a while to fall in the other. After talking for an hour or so, Alex, Matt went to his room. Alex close the door and went to Matt. They sat in their separate beds y just stared for a few minutes. Alex collected his thoughts before he began to speak. " Matt, what I'm talking about you, being that is essential here, between us. " Matt agreed, nodding up and down. "I will not leave my n unless you go with me. Henderson his own rule for bending and to allow my mother to leave their vacation. I know without a doubt, My Monm is more than willing to do so. " Matt did not know what to say, he sat and looked at Alex. Finally his words out of his brain and came to his tongue. " I do not really know what s to say except you want to spend Christmas with you, and I want to go Christmas here. So if your mother is willing to take me under contract n and put me in a week, I 'm there ! " Alex got up from his bed and went to bed Matt. He knelt Matt 's legs and put his hands on Matt 's head, noting that about him. began in Matt 's ear. whisper " you know, I 've never left here alone. If I said no, that had stayed here with you. I Ls Models Galleries love you, and for the first time I to enjoy my Christmas with my family and my partner that I wants to spend the rest of my life. I love that Matt and there is nothing ever change! " Alex leaned forward and began to kiss Matt on the lips. They kissed for a few minutes before Alex broke the kISS to his call, the mother of his s. He walked down the hall to the phone and dialed home. Sounds a little later, his mother answered Ls Models Galleries the phone. Alex said immediately it of your holiday and joy began to mourn her son Christmas is coming home. I also asked and she agreed to sign as Matt good. After placing his mother returned to her room for the package weeks. He found enthusiastic Matt and leverage that, when he entered the space. Both started the same melody as full hum. The next morning everyone was too excited to enjoy breakfast. all of them are in your house will be in a position for the Christmas holidays. if as they finished breakfast, they have to wait another hour Ls Models Galleries to be collected. To do Children ate whatever they could lay their stomachs and spent the rest of the time to talk to each other about what they have planned. More or less are all that will do the same and have the TIME their families. I never realized how much Ls Models Galleries he misses his family, , which were locked. One by one, the boys were called forward, and their parents come to pick up. Alex and Matt were almost the last to be called to the front. Alex began to think that perhaps Mr. Henderson thought twice, gave him a holiday. However, when Matt and his name was called, his calm nerves. left holding a bag each. As soon as the guards to check the case were allowed to leave the hall. That is, where Alex 's mother was waiting for his son. When Alex and his mother were another, embraced and kissed on the cheek hello. Ls Models Galleries Alex broke hug to introduce Matt to his mother. n "Mom, I would like you to meet my roommate and friend, Matt. Matt is my mother Franseca " Both shook hands when introduced to Alex. This is the first time Alex has been blocked for a while. of day of the arrest ofhis plea, once again setting the plea bargain, and s brought to the juvenile detention center, Alex not time out. Ls Models Galleries was followed by his mother 's car Jacob. At first she thought her mother borrow the car, but when I was in the car, the driver's door open and Jacob left. Jacob Alex went to shake his hand. Jacob Alex put his hand to the side and pulled him into a hug. "It's great to see you as a friend for the first time outdoors. " Jacob whispered in my ear as he hugged Alex. ignore each other, and introduced Matt to walk Alex Jacob, and that put around the suitcase in the trunk of a car. He jumped in and talked all the way to the house. On several occasions asked the mother of Alex, Alex and Matt if they wanted to stop and eat, but I said ' No'. instead of the car in your driveway, Jacob went to Franseca junction. They all got out of the car unloaded, the master of the case. Before Jacob againhis car, pulled Alex aside. " I want you to remember this one Alex. You and your family are part in my family ! Do not hesitate or fear to go home at any time. All you have to do is stop the back door and went to my House. you are my friend, and you are welcome at any time, in my house. " Alex could not believe it, how to give Jacob the welcome. He has never met a person as Jacob can forgive and let the past stay in the past. If the shoe was on the other foot, you do not know if it could be so kind and merciful is a person like Jacob. " Thanks Jacob, I like to talk to you more next week. I am 'm guidance on what I have said that you need. Met Matt and he is , who wants to spend the rest of my life. " " have good taste and are more than welcome to take me to the page to talk about everything. Dewayne also would like to know and say me what you think. I am a little afraid to go ahead with it after thathappened to me and Joey. " Both said that boys willing to bend the date before leaving. Jacob took Alex off the road and waved as he walked into the house. When he entered, could not believe it the house is nice. thought that Jacob gave his mother a ramshackle fixer home. He has -minded people, if this was true, because he always lives in the house are to free. is found Matt sitting on the couch waiting for him. Alex looked around, but is not his mother and his brothers searched everywhere. looked hoping Matt \\ \\ n you know where your mother was. " I think your mother went to the kitchen, but not sure. "Matt has up and went to Alex. did not know how to show affection, Alex, because that is not yet. Alex turned around and walked to where he thinks the kitchen is. As entered the hall, his mother called after him. was followed by the sound of your voice down the hall to a room. entered find all the stuff, who was in his room at the other house. He knew, this place, that his mother has set for him. "I think this space is bigger than other rooms in the house with n. In fact, did you and your brothers to share a room. This house is perfect for my family. If that is the end, the bunk bed in Matt here from you are roommates beyond the installation. " " I have no problem with the mother. not want to use for around the world to me with my own room, and after my siblings share a room. Please pass these Space one of them. take years, " " to return here. nonsense, your brothers each have their own rooms.. and this is his I I want you to come and remove the material in this room, you make your own space, because that is what it is, my own room. " When Alex's mother left the room, he turned to his son. "It ideal for you home, if only for a week. You look great y happy now. Not seen you so happy in a very long you myself. Whatever will make you very happy, I hope you next. I love your hair by the way. Do not you shave no more! " Alex turned all shades of red, like her mother congratulated him on his hair n. Started brushing his hand through his hair when his mother left out. Alex followed his mother at the door and Matt nodded to his space. Matt was waiting for Alex's mother to make the way down the hall before the head down. " for Indeed, Alex and Matt, one brother Alex will come and let you know , dinner is ready. We have our meals at home at Jacob's well. Thus, I not be boiled twice for each meal. " Alex shouted to her mother that she'll be ready when he took out Matt s in it. When she heard the door close behind, began to kiss. Alex broke the kiss and began Matt stroked his cheek. " I'll come to my mother tonight when she returns. No wants you to be my secret. Instead, I want to show my family. You was a gift to methat keeps on giving. I can not and does not hide the from anyone. " Alex and Matt was in the middle of the room hug Other n. Matt understands this is a big step for Alex and I can not believe, s that he is willing to do so. Alex knows at the same time, which is the best to do, not only for themselves but for Matt too. he is very fond of Matt lot, and not want to lose. CONTINUED... \\ \\ n AUTHOR CORNER :. { This story just keeps getting better as the chapters extend so is much to do in all three of my stories do not have the time enough, , above all, Write. chapter will never end. there is still much to go there in jail. looks like Henderson tried to compensate for what he did wrong. he was in the name of by what happens between the two bands. realized that he needs Alex if he will get the promotion he wants. so Mr. Henderson is all what to do differently, with Alex and hope he doesn 't get promoted and stab Alex in the back by another in a job. The impression it looks and goes. They have the machinery been delivered and installed. Have been ordered to begin and more to come. By Alex Jacob came to deal with the use problem. Everything is falling into place, but like everything in life thinking, is not running Ls Models Galleries smoothly. Whenever something happens that throws the rails. Alex Jacob finally said that he is gay. Jacob, of course, does not accept o matter what happens. I hope no one expects anything from James II a as before. Alex is really good progress in all areas. Robert and Steve get closer, I know I have not heard much from them in this chapter, but they are there. We also see that Carlos is located in the his new job fairly well. The boys need to get your hands clean of the band. This is the only way they will be out of this place, if in contact with you on the 11th Ashton had in the end to be treated with some broken fingers, but did as he Alex told him to handle. Samuel was a thorn in the side of Alex since he is what you get. It seems that everyone who is in an accident Alex time or another around no more. If they survived, not get rid of to try again. An example of this is Bobby. He will think twice before Alex Cross again. Alex made ​​a promise at the end of this chapter to Matt. Do you think it actually going to tell his mother he is gay ? Love, love, love can do things in a person. Alex loves Matt as he is willing to shout out in the world now. Hopefully Alex and his mother has for you! so much going on right now, you can not miss a Ls Models Galleries chapter. So many open spaces that not have enough time to write each chapter. So stay close and to see what they will do with the chapters. I hope no one dies n or happiness ends. At this point, so many plots in this story is turning the headNing in what s happening. After completing this chapter, you can not wait for the next release of the new chapter. Please come back week after week, and read my messages. I hope you guys never leave you as much as drama are affected in the stories. I will not say much more to come and spoil the next chapters, so I will not. But be warned ! Do not skip a chapter, or lost in the. So much to arrive at an answer in the chapters. Read future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know as I do if jacobmillertex aol. com, thanks ! CORNER } EDITOR : seems that many of the characters head is drawn out the ass and it's time for high Alex is becoming more and more comfortable in your own ! sexuality. is the transition from the most powerful motivator of all things fed humanity : love. Alex initial review of water came from a Jacob. After this went well, he formed his return tonext logical step ; that goes to his mother. Hopefully it goes well too. Matt is a perfect partner for Alex. He is on the opposite side of life, is intelligent and has common sense about people who serve him good. He is a solid thinker, simple and not nervous easily. It Alex also teach how to be loved and love. He is a mentor of the page Alex inadvertently. Alex is a complex personality and distasteful. That comes from him to juggle multiple roles in your life, meet the expectations of each segment of his life. Matt can play all the roles of Alex See and see the bottom real person. It is in the mind of Alex and contact him deeply. Ok, I can not wait for the next chapter. I want to see how Franseca " The News" and is manifested as, being away from prying eyes Alex and Matt love n a. Something tells me it will be very Christmas for all involved. Until next time, " Daddy " by Rick
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